The Ongoing Saga of Joe’s Eye

You all know Joe. You should do. He’s mentioned on here often enough and he photobombs more of my videos than is good for my sanity.

He’s a rescue dog. Found wandering the streets of Manchester, we rescued him from the dog’s home to give him a good home. He came with two problems: pneumonia and recurrent conjunctivitis. A bit of TLC put both right. Mind, the antibiotics helped.

The eye problem keeps on happening and now and again it gets ulcerated. It did last week and as a result, he’s back in a cone.


Sedated and his eye scraped on Monday, we took him back to the vet’s last night and he’s improving but not quite there. At least two more appointments.

Having been cut to the quick by losing an expensive compact camera and an mp3 player a couple of weeks back, I could live without massive vet bills, but what can you do?

Does Joe care about the money? Does he hell as like. He now walks with head up because if he has his head down, the cone hits everything including the ground. The tail still wags, the world is still his to conquer, and his appetite hasn’t suffered either.

But the worst thing is the noise. He’s a barker. Always has been. A noisy little bugger. And the cone acts as a megaphone. I’m very hard of hearing, but the racket of his barking through the cone makes my head spin.

So I’m leaking cash, I have to contend with a dumb dog who can’t judge where thing are thanks to his cone, and the noise he makes is giving me a permanent bloody headache.

I need another life

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