I’m changing ISPs, and tomorrow, this:

Will become this:

I’m likely to be offline for a time. Did I hear a cheer go up?

I wouldn’t want you to think I’m dissatisfied with my current provider. I’m not. I’ve been with them a good few years and they’ve been pretty reliable. But if I’m not unhappy with the service, I’m deliriously chuffed off with the bills. Their price hikes are scandalous and in the last two years my bill has increased by about 25%.

I’m not going to name them. They don’t carry ads for my books. Likewise, I’m not going to name the new provider. They won’t carry adverts for my books, either.

One of the major factors in the change was colour of the router. It blends rather than contrasts with the background décor.

This was a weak attempt to make you smile, but in fact, colour schemes are often at the forefront of my wife’s thinking. No one was happier than Her Indoors when the red kettle burned out and she could replace it with one in a more decorous white. Her biggest objection to my sock-puller is that it’s blue.

I’m convinced that Joe knew what he was doing when he decided to turn up in white with black patches. No matter what ma’am’s flavour of the month colour-wise, he still blends in. He spends most of his time spark out, glued to the settee, but his colour-coding ensures that he can still be seen and he doesn’t disturb the variable tenor of the missus’s aesthetic tastes.

To get back to the main thrust of this post, what will I do for the time I’m offline? Being arthritic and retired means I spend a lot of time faffing on the web, and to be cut off, even for a short period of time, is like social ostracism.

I’ll probably spend it writing. After all, you’ll be dying to learn how excellent/good/ poor/disastrous the changeover goes, won’t you? And even if you’re not, I’ll tell you.

And I do have other work in hand. It’s almost two years since the last Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery appeared, it’s eighteen months since I last put out a new title of any description, and I have projects in hand that really need working on.

I could use my smartphone to log on… but I’m fussy about that. Call me odd, but I bought it to make phone calls and I don’t understand how all the other bits and pieces, internet access and what have you, work.

Alternatively, lacking any serious internet access, I could just jump in the car and go to the supermarket for a loaf of bread.


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