What’s It All About, Arfur?

Well, it’s about me, to be honest.

If I go back ten years I was as fit and healthy as any other man my age, albeit overweight and smoking too much. Then I got a lodger. Arfur. He moved into my knee and he’s been with me ever since. Not only that, but he’s spread out and is now encamped in almost every joint in my crumbling frame.

The story of how he crept into my life and took roots is the running theme of the book, Life With Arfur, naturally, it’s told with a tongue in cheek approach because that, as I keep reminding you, is my chief weapon against arthritis.

Just to whet your appetite, check out this video of me reading a short passage from the book, concentrating on the arthritic knee. I’ll apologise in advance for the quality. I use natural lighting on my videos and the weather was poor which meant I had to enhance the movie with an overhead light.


The book is like that practically the whole way through.

Why do I make light of it when in reality it’s a serious and debilitating problem? Precisely because it is a serious and debilitating problem. What is the alternative to maintaining my sense of humour? Spending my life griping about it won’t make it go away.

Should I give in? Yesterday, I talked about the way poor Joe, our nutjob Jack Russell fell off the settee and hurt himself. Has he given in? Nope. He just barks at the postman from the carpet because he can’t get on the seat by the window.

I compare my life as it is to what it was and what I thought it might be and ask questions. At what stage did tubular support bandage become a higher priority than razor blades? What happened to me that should make me prefer Velcro straps to shoelaces? How did I ever get to the stage where I have to use a bizarrely-shaped piece of cardboard to put my socks on?

The ingredients of a tragedy? Or a comedy?

Life With Arfur is published by Crooked Cat Books in the summer


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