A Date For Your Diary

This post should have appeared yesterday, but my daughter has been hospitalised with some kind of neurological problem and I spent the day batting about the web like a pinball. Latest news is she’s all right, and goes for an MRI scan today, and she has her partner and daughters to call on.

So, back to the main thrust.

May 10th. Make a note of it. That’s when Life With Arfur is launched on an unsuspecting world.

As well as being the first of Crooked Cat’s new non-fiction line, it’s a bit of a departure for me. I usually turn out fiction. The boss at the last place I worked recognised this when he said my timesheets owed more than a passing nod in the direction of Harry Potter.

This volume is autobiographical and contrary to possible expectations, it is not at all po-faced and serious, precisely because I am not po-faced or serious.

As well as detailing how and why Arfur got his hooks into me, there are sections on the kinds of advice I received from medical and non-medical people all over the world. It was all well-intentioned, I’m sure, but even I draw the line at dousing my joints with WD40. It might loosen the nuts on an engine block, but mine are all right where they are thanks.

On the day there will be a massive, virtual party on Facebook from nine in the morning until I get fed up. If I haven’t sent you an invite, don’t take it personally. Just invite yourself by…


But be advised. I’m a thoroughbred Yorkshireman. If you’re looking for free food and drink, you’d better bring your own. And just be grateful I’m not charging an admission fee.

See you on May 10th.


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