I Must Be Mad

I wrote every single one of the books in the image above, and but for one title (Fiagara Nights) they’re all published by Crooked Cat Books.

And this weekend every book in that image is FREE. From now until midnight(ish) on Monday, they’re yours for nowt.

It’s the Giant Crooked Cat Books Easter Sale.

So why are you still sat there reading this? Go get ’em while they’re hot and buckshee.

The Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries

The Filey Connection

The I-Spy Murders

A Halloween Homicide

A Murder for Christmas

Murder at the Murder Mystery Weekend

My Deadly Valentine

The Chocolate Egg Murders

The Summer Wedding Murder

Costa del Murder

Christmas Crackers

Death in Distribution

A Killing in the Family

A Theatrical Murder

Trial by Fire


The Haunting of Melmerby Manor

The Man in Black


The Handshaker

The Deep Secret


Midthorpe Mysteries

Fiagara Nights

Naturally, these are only my titles. You’ll find many, many more either free or at reduced prices in the Crooked Cat Easter sale.


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6 Responses to I Must Be Mad

  1. I’ve got the free books, David. That was great. I sent the word out on my social networks. I’m so sorry about your arthritis and other problems, your daughter’s health problems, and your doggie’s problems. I have arthritis and sciatica myself. We don’t often feel better with age, do we? I hope the problems are less in time with the meds you’re taking. All the best. 🙂 — Suzanne

  2. David Robinson says:

    Thank you, Suzanne. My problems are minimised at the moment, and Joe the Jack Russell is back to his annoying, ebullient self. But my daughter has just been diagnosed with motor neurone disease and it’s stunned us all. She’s like her dad: tough, single-minded and positive. When we’ve come to terms with it,the fight will be on.

    Have a great Easter.

  3. I wish all the best for your daughter in her fight against the motor neurone disease. She has a great attitude and that’s no doubt half the battle won. I’m glad to hear your problems are less now and Joe is doing so much better. I wish for the best for all of you. 🙂 — Suzanne

  4. David Robinson says:

    Thanks, Suzanne. Angela lives about fifty miles from me and I’m away over there to see her for the day. I will pass on your good wishes.

  5. Gordon Johnson says:

    I have problems with the voice recognition device on the car. I can imagine the problems trying to write a book. Good luck.

  6. David Robinson says:

    You have voice recognition on the car? I’m still using a padlock and cranking handle 😉

    Thanks for reading, Gordon.

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