It’s five days now since the passing of our best friend, Joe, and although it will be some time yet before we get over him, life is adjusting here at Robinson Towers.

Joe’s presence is still very much a reality to us, and there’s a large gap with nothing to fill it. It’s most noticeable at those times when he was due for walkies, usually after meals, and when I come back from the supermarket. I can now come back into the house and theoretically lock the door. I have no need to go out again. And on the days when I don’t go to the supermarket, I have no real need to unlock the doors at all.

Life has to go on. I have work in progress, projects demanding my attention, deadlines to meet, and in case you’ve all forgotten, I have a new book launch on Wednesday. I’m sure that if he were still with us, Joe’s need for attention would be overridden by his need for food, which in the final analysis, was facilitated by my work.

Life With Arfur is launched on an unsuspecting public this coming Wednesday, and there’s still time to preorder your copy before the official release. The link is pasted in below.

Beyond that, we’re jetting off to Majorca a week on Tuesday, which means there are cases to be packed. My wife’s capacity for throwing three or four times the amount of clothing we need for warmer climes means that packing is a logistical exercise on the par with major war games, and it rarely goes to plan.

I’ve still not forgotten arriving at our hotel in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria a few years ago only to find that all my carefully arranged underwear was still in Manchester, 2000 miles behind us. I would have managed with the pair that I was wearing but the missus said no. Leaving them in place for a full week would have meant declaring an environmental disaster area.

And before anyone accuses me of typical, male laziness, I had offered to pack, but apparently you’re supposed to fold clothing neatly into the case, not just chuck it in and close the lid.


Life With Arfur, a tongue-in-cheek account of my early trials with osteoarthritis, is published by Crooked Cat Books on10th May, 2017, and available as an ebook and paperback.


Amazon UK

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Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

There is a launch event taking place on Facebook from 0900 (BST) on Wednesday. Everyone is welcome. Just invite yourself and coma along on the day.


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2 Responses to Adjusting

  1. Gordon Johnson says:

    Poor Joe it must be difficult adjusting. Bo’s a little sod but I know I’ll miss him when he goes. My sister in law’s moved in this week while we’re away to look after him. She says he’s hissed at her a few times but generally he’s ok. I hope the book launch goes well and relax and enjoy your break, with or without underware.

  2. David Robinson says:

    Thanks, Gordon. Your comments are always welcome. What with Joe and my daughter’s troubles, I’m miles behind with work, but I think a week of R&R in Majorca where the water don’t take like what it oughta, I should be back to my usual idiotic self.

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