And All Because Of A Hen Weekend

It’s coming up to two years since the missus shot off to Benidorm on a hen weekend.  Her skills with a mobile phone are so bad that they’re legendary, as a consequence of which communication was practically non-existent over that weekend.

So, while she was away I nipped into our local supermarket (even though I know that every little helps, I won’t identify them.  They don’t plug my books) and set up a new deal.

Prior to that I’d been paying £22 a month for my contract phone and topping up her PAYG to the tune of £20 every three or four months.  Total annual bill, over £300.  Tesco supplied two smartphones, gave us umpteen minutes, 5000 texts and so many megabytes of data, all for £17.50 a month.  That saved us about £120.00 a year.

The only downside is the missus has never liked her smartphone.  She’d rather have an old fashioned clamshell.

The contracts are up for renewal, and we all know the script.  ‘For an extra fiver a month, we’ll give you saw many megabytes and gigabytes of extra data, a few fancy apps to jiggle your photographs, etc, etc, etc.’

Frankly, most of these people wouldn’t know the difference between a megabyte, gigabyte, and a trilobite, and I never fall for it.  But I do get tired of the argument.

Bearing all this in mind I approached the mobile phone desk in our local store this morning, in a determined frame of mind.

A pleasant young woman took my phone off me and accessed our contract details.

“You don’t use it that much.  Neither of you.”

This is perfectly true.  I’m strange.  I don’t use the phone to surf the web or play games.  I use it to send text messages and make telephone calls (Shock!  Horror!  How quaint).

The young assistant whizzed through a number of options on her computer and then told me, “I’ve saved you £2.50 a month and your wife can have a new phone the moment she’s ready, to come in and choose one.”

Given the wife’s propensity for not getting out of bed until mid-afternoon, that’s likely to be tomorrow.  For now, my deal is now down to £15.00 a month for both phones, a good £12 a month lower than where I was just over two years ago.

I think it’s time Her Indoors was going on another hen weekend.  You never know, I might get the gas and electric cheaper next time.


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