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The Wedding Day


My daughter, Angela, and her partner, Tim, got married yesterday.  Big deal, you say.  Many of us have daughters who got married, and some of them may have tied the knot yesterday.

My daughter’s wedding was particularly poignant because she suffers from Motor Neurone Disease.

She was diagnosed four months ago, but she began suffering speech and swallowing difficulties as far back as Christmas.  Needless to say, the news was devastating for the entire family.

She’s typical of the Robinson gene in that she’s stubborn, determined and fight to the last.  That single-mindedness prompted her to defy her condition and WALK into the wedding room at Leeds Town Hall.  And as her father, it was my pleasure, my absolute joy, to lend her my arm in support of that walk.

Her daughters, Victoria and Hannah, pulled out all the stops to see that their mum had a special day, right down to arranging a Rolls Royce for the journey to the venue and the return to the reception.

Many of Angela’s friends (and Tim’s of course) turned out for them. Her brothers turned out too, David and his partner Sarah travelling in from Pudsey on the outskirts of Bradford, Colin and his wife Sally, making the journey from Coventry, and overall everyone had an enjoyable afternoon.

There was a downside. Everyone had to listen to a three-minute address from the father of the bride…  Me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with my ability to deliver a short speech, but even at my quietest I’m a noisy bugger, and my spec jokes are not always as funny as I think they are.

If I’m making a lot of this it’s not in the pursuit of ‘aww, how lovely’ reactions, and it’s certainly not in search of sympathy.  The whole family is now dedicated to raising awareness of this terrible disease.

Angela has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of MND known as Progressive Bulbar Palsy.  Statistically, the life expectancy of sufferers is six months to three years.

There is no cure.  No one knows what causes it.  But we, as a family, and only too aware of its devastating impact.

Having said that I offer no apologies for wishing a long and happy marriage for my daughter, Angela, and her new husband, Tim.

Comments are open and welcome.

My daughter blogs about her illness at:

And her daughter,Victoria has made efforts at raising awareness on her blog at:

If you would like to learn more about Motor Neurone Disease, go to:


  1. best wishes to the happy couple and thumbs up on the raising awariness issue, that man, David ..cheeers 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading, Seumas.

  3. Wishing the happy couple all the best, and more, and wishing for Angela that there will be something that can be done very soon. I applaud her for her Robinson stance – she is a brave, beautiful and inspiring woman. Being stubborn is a good trait in these circumstances. You’re all inspiring. Big hugs to you all.

  4. Thank you, Marit. Her courage puts my whining about a touch of arthritis into persepctive.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed reading that blog. Would love to have heard your speech, I imagine it was hilarious. Please convey my sincere best wishes and many years of happiness to the happy couple.

  6. Thanks, Gordon. I odn’t know if anyone recorded the adress.It was similar to the one Iput online a few days ago, but withmore crass humour at the start. If I can’t turn up a video I’ll record it and post it up.

  7. David, I am in awe of how you, your lovely daughter, her husband, and all the family, are dealing with the cards you have been dealt. You are amazing.
    Raising awareness takes commitment, and bravery, and I wish you only the best in getting the message out there.
    Angela and Tim, happiness always.
    With love, God bless,
    Chris and Rod xxx

  8. Thank you, Chris.

    TBH, I’m surprised at all of us. It is devastating, but Angela is showing so much courage, we feel inpsired by her.

  9. Angie looks wonderful on her special day and you look beyond dapper.
    All good things wished for Angela and Tim.

  10. Thanks, Mo. A memorable day, for a memorable woman and a grand lad.

  11. I wish your daughter much happiness in her marriage. What an inspirational couple. There is a huge upsurge in the awareness of this devastating illness up here since the ex Scottish rugby star Doddie Weir was diagnosed with MND. Much fund raising is happening. Let’s hope it can soon be kicked into touch.

  12. Thanks, Patsy. We all have our fingers crossed, and Angie remains in good spirits. She still laughs at her dad’s jokes. Mind, she’s the only one who does.

  13. What an inspiring tale, DW. She looked so happy on her special day 🙂

  14. Thanks, JJ. It hurts, but above the pain, seeing her so “up” on Saturday really made for a grand day.

  15. Congratulations to Angela and Tim – it looks like a lovely wedding. And thank you for raising awareness of this terrible illness. XXX

  16. And thank you for stopping by, Carol. A fabulous day made all the more special by a courageous woman. I’d lik to say she’s just like her dad, but she has way more bottle than me.

  17. I wish them nothing but happiness X Oh, and you scrubbed up well, David x

  18. Thanks, Glynis. I even had a proper haircut for once.

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