Live. For One Day Only

Tomorrow, eleven in the morning, UK time, I will be live on Facebook.

It was a challenge laid down by Crooked Cat Books to its authors. Am I up to the challenge? What? You’re looking at the man who sang Mack the Knife while dressed as Darth Vader… I mean I was dressed as Darth Vader, not old Mackie.

So along with a few others I picked up the baton and I’m running with it… well, I’m sitting in my chair with it, and tomorrow morning, at eleven o’clock our time, in a dazzling display of lights (I’ll get the wife to switch the living room reading lamp on and off) I shall be prattling live on Facebook for all of ten minutes… if you’re lucky. And if you’re really lucky, it’ll only be five minutes.

And what am I gonna be talking about?

I did think of entertaining you with horror stories from my visits to the chiropodist and dentist, but I figured you get enough laughs out of me without checking my corns and dentures. So instead, I’ll be waffling about the Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries, and with very good reason. Peril in Palmanova, the fifteenth in the series is due for release October 26th.

I’m not gonna tell you anything about, but I will be detailing how it came about after a two year gap when it looked like there might never be any more tales from Joe and Co. I will let you in on the secrets of how a hill in Majorca provided the catalyst for the tale.

As it happens, the release coincides with plans for a revamp of the existing titles in the shape of new covers. Peril in Palmanova is an example, and here we have the new cover for The Filey Connection.

They may look bland and samey, but the key to them is their unusual, near exclusive design. I couldn’t find anything like them anywhere, and congratulations go to Laurence Patterson of Crooked Cat for his design work.

So there it is. Tomorrow eleven in the morning. Be there or be not there. You will have the opportunity to comment, but it’ll be in the comment boxes only, and naturally, any comment you may have should be clean, printable, and suitable for mixed company.

I shall see you on the morrow. I might even shave for the event.

You can catch me tomorrow from about 11:00 BST on my Facebook timeline

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