Rainy Days & Brighter News

Monday morning, again.

I’ve been retired for a good few years now, and I still get that Monday morning feeling… Even on a Thursday. It’s worse on Mondays especially when the weather is as bad as today. It’s absolutely hammering down one minute, and the next I’m having to turn the vertical blinds to keep the sun off the monitor screen.

I’m also having to use the keyboard. I can’t use speech recognition because I’m waiting for an electrician to arrive, and I won’t be able to hear him knocking while I have the headphones on.

Still, there is some good news, particularly for those amongst you who are fans of the Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries.

Crooked Cat announced last week that STAC #15, Peril in Palmanova, will be released on Thursday, October 26th. That’s a little over six weeks from now on. The good news is, you can order it now, and guarantee yourself a price of just 99p/$1.31.

I don’t know what the eventual price will be. That’s a matter for Crooked Cat, not me. But I do know that if you order it now, you pay the price as it is now, and you will automatically take delivery at midnight on the day of release.

There will be a launch shindig on Facebook. I just haven’t got round to setting it up yet. Well, these things take time, and you know how I’m fixed. Last Of The Summer Wine is on the telly at half past six, and we’ve also started packing for Mablethorpe next week, on which subject I’ve had to put my foot down. We take either the lawnmower or the tumble dryer, but not both.

In between times, while waiting for the forklift truck to charge up and so I can lift the cases into the car, I’m pushing on with STAC #16, Murder At Squire’s Lodge (working title).

So why are you sitting here reading this tripe. Get over to Amazon and pre-order your copy of Peril in Palmanova while it’s hot and cheap.

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

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