We’re Back

Home again from our travels. Mablethorpe was its usual thrill-fest. While we were there, the traffic lights changed, drawing a massive roar from the crowd… all thirteen of them, fifteen if you count me and the missus.

In fact, it was quite a pleasant stay and if nothing else it got us out of this bloody house for a few days. Unfortunately, the weather changed yesterday. It was legging it down at six o’clock last night, so we cut it short and came home. We were walking into the house just after nine o’clock.

There’ll be a couple of video reports to come over the weekend and I’ll post the links here when they’re up and running.

I came home to a couple of surprises, one good, the other not so good.

One of my thrillers has been rejected for the umpteenth time. That’s the bad news, but maybe not bad as you might think. If nothing else, it’s been persuaded me that hard-boiled thrillers are not my forte. It puts my plans back a little, but I can cope with that.

There was better news on the cosy crime front. Peril in Palmanova, the 15th Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery, is on pre-order. When we left for Mablethorpe or Monday morning, it was ranked about number 10,000 in the overall Amazon chart. When I got back last night it had leapt to number 540. That is an incredible leap of 9,500 places in just three days.

As usual, I have all you wonderful readers to thank for that. You’re making an old man very happy… or a happy man very old.

It persuades me that I’m best working with cosy, light-hearted crime and/or humour, and David Robinson will be working in this area from now on. Robert Devine’s debut is deferred for a while and when he does put in an appearance it will probably be working with sci-fi/horror. More details when they’re available or when I can work out what it is I’m supposed to be doing.


Peril in Palmanova is still on pre-order, scheduled for release on October 26th. To secure your copy now, at today’s price, go to:

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

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