Blackpool, Saccharin & Baffling Books

You must have heard the old saying: all work and no play makes a man healthy, wealthy and too tired to spend any of his money. Something like that, anyway.

Well, I’ve been working seriously hard these last few weeks, and as a professional insomniac, I haven’t slept properly for almost a week, so yesterday the missus persuaded me to have a day off and take her to Blackpool. More truthfully she told me we were going to Blackpool whether I liked it or not.

As it happened, it didn’t turn out too bad a day. The weather was fair to middling, the motorways were busy but the traffic flowed fairly freely, and when we arrived in Blackpool, while all the other silly buggers queued up for parking spaces in the central car park that don’t exist, I found a spot in the public car park near Bloomfield Road football ground, and while the aforementioned silly buggers were still hoping for that non-existent parking space near the tower, the missus and I were strolling along the prom looking for a cup of tea.

So far so good.

That cup of tea provided the first argument of the afternoon (note: there had already been half a dozen arguments during the morning, most of them because I didn’t feel like driving to Blackpool, and I felt less like paying £50.00 in train fares). Getting back to the cup of tea, I made the mistake of letting Her Indoors go to the counter, where she spotted free saccharin pills for those who don’t take sugar, and a cream-filled chocolate éclair, both of which she took advantage of.

Notwithstanding being in possession of her own saccharin, she clicked a few pills into one of the cups of tea, paid a ridiculous amount of money for the chocolate éclair and brought the lot to the table, by which time she couldn’t remember which cup she’d put the saccharin in. She didn’t bother testing them, but pushed one cup my way and dropped even more saccharin into the other cup. You’ve probably already guessed that we ended up with two cups of tea loaded with saccharin, and I can’t stand the bloody stuff. Worse still, because I’m diabetic, I couldn’t have my half of the chocolate éclair. Result: another stand up battle of forcibly expressed opinion and counter-opinion in the middle of the tram tracks.

That aside, it was a pleasant afternoon and evening, and by the time we got home late-ish last night, I was so tired that it corrected my sleep pattern, and I’ve just got up from the best night’s rest I’ve had for a week.

But the day wasn’t without its puzzles, coming from no less a source and STAC #15, Peril in Palmanova.

Although it’s not due for release until October 26th, still nearly two weeks away, it is available for pre-order (details below) and yet it’s had its first 5-star review, from Janet Gifford Wills, who sings its praises and is eagerly awaiting the sequel. Well, Janet, first of all thanks for the review, and secondly the sequel, The Squire’s Lodge Murders, is with the editor, and should be on its way to Crooked Cat by the end of next week.

So where is the mystery? You’re not supposed to be able to review books while they’re on pre-order.

Naturally, it didn’t take long to solve. The e-book is on pre-order, but the paperback is published and already available for purchase.

So there you have it. For all you purists who prefer your reading matter in paper rather than electronic form, you don’t have to wait while a week on Thursday. You can pick up your copy now. Just follow the link below, and when you get to the Amazon page, click on paperback instead of Kindle.

As for me… After I finish this cup of tea (without saccharin) I’m off back to bed.

Peril in Palmanova, Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery #15, published by Crooked Cat Books, on October 26th, is now available for pre-order at:

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

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