Hammer, Tongs and a Sore Throat


I haven’t put up any of my world-famous videos recently. Well, I say world-famous, there’s a bloke in Mogadishu who comments on them regularly, but I don’t know what he’s saying cos I don’t understand the language he writes in.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve stopped making them. On the other hand, you could be wondering why washing powder is so bloody expensive.

Well, I’ll tell you… why I’ve stopped making videos not why washing powder is so expensive. My voice has been rough as a bear’s arse ever since we came back from Mablethorpe. I’m not blaming Mablethorpe, although as whipping boys go, Mablethorpe tends to be very useful. It can be blamed for a large range of issues.

According to other people, my problem is caused by smoking. I can’t see it. I’ve been smoking for 50 years, but I’ve only had a sore throat for the last three weeks.

Be that as it may, plans are afoot to pack the weed in… again.

It’s all a bit inconvenient. Y’see, the launch of Peril in Palmanova is just seven days away. Yes, the excitement is building here at Festung Robinson because one week from today, the 15th Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery will finally be on sale after what seems like months on pre-order.

And there’s more news. The 16th Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery, The Squire’s Lodge Murders, is with Crooked Cat Books, and I’ve had an email, literally just a few minutes ago, saying they’re ready to work on it, and could they please have the blurb (which makes life awkward because I haven’t written it yet).

So you see, it’s all go and to add to the complications, we’re fresh out of Weetabix.

As if there isn’t enough trouble in the world already.

Peril in Palmanova, Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery #15, published by Crooked Cat Books, on October 26th, is now available for pre-order at:

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide


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