Impeccable Timing

The big news of the week is that Google will no longer support Huawei android technology. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the argument, except that the Chinese company is accused of spying. Sounds like the kettle calling the pan, in my opinion. I only have to type the word ‘Viagra’ and Google inundates me with adverts for the bloody pills (and no, I don’t buy them).

As it happens, my mobile contract was up for renewal, so I whipped into the supermarket two weeks ago, and after lengthy negotiations I come away with a new, slightly more expensive deal, and a brand-new smartphone… a Huawei Y6.

As always, my timing was impeccable. I’m not kidding, if I bought an electric car, the government would give it a week before declaring that the country was about to stop producing electricity and take us back to the Stone Age.

I haven’t worked out what this means for me (the Huawei business, not the country going back to the Stone Age – something which looks like it’s going to happen anyway). Fortunately, I’m strange. You’ve probably worked that out already. But when it comes to mobile phones, I don’t play games, I don’t surf the web, I don’t take photographs and I don’t make videos, and unlike so many people, I don’t have them super-glued to my ear.

Call me old-fashioned (you can call me a moody, cantankerous, tight-fisted old git for all I care, I’m deaf so I won’t hear you) but I use my mobile for making phone calls. All right, so I send the occasional text, and read e-books on them, but that’s about all. For most purposes, especially surfing the web, the screen is too small and while I appreciate that you can expand the display, my dexterity is fading superseded by advancing arthritis.

Which tenuous link brings me to another subject. My knees and hips and ankles are crumbling on both sides and it’s getting so bad that I don’t know which leg to limp on. We were in the supermarket the other week, spending money on inconsequentials like food and washing powder, and I was going to borrow one of their mobility scooters, but the missus said if I did, she’d walk two aisles ahead of me. She has no desire to be seen in the company of a clapped-out old sod.


The cheek of it! She’s older than me. Mind, she’s in much better fettle. This is because she’s boring. She doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and eats sensible food. What kind of a life is that?

News on other fronts, however, is encouraging. Thanks to an administrative error, Murder at the Treasure Hunt, Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery #17 is on pre-order with a planned release on June 1, rather than July 1, and it’s doing rather well. The Sanford Mysteries are like that. They take a lot of downloads in the early days, and it tapers off after a few months.

As matters stand, it reached an absolute peak of #72 in the Amazon UK, Private Investigator chart a couple of days ago, and I confidently expect it to do much better.

People query the length of time between volumes of what has been quite a successful series, and I can understand that. My excuse is… I have no excuse. I’m simply bone idle.

For those of you not already in the know, the official launch will be accompanied by a party on Facebook, and everyone is welcome. You’ll find the link HERE. Just cut along and invite yourself.

And if you care to pre-order the book (you don’t pay for it until the official release) you’ll find it at the following links.

Amazon UK:

Amazon US & Worldwide:

That’s all for now. There’ll be more news as and when we get close to the launch.

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