The Dark Side


I’m best known for my light-hearted work, series like the ever-popular Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries. But there’s a darker side to me, one that looks into the deepest evil men (and women) can perpetrate upon their fellows.

Some years ago Crooked Cat Books took three of those titles, but at my insistence, they were put out under my real name, and because I was more associated with cosy mysteries and humour, they flopped. At the end of their contracts, the rights reverted to me.

Those readers who did indulge, gave them a clear thumbs up, leaving me with a problem. What to do with them, how to market them, make them available for those readers who prefer that kind of gritty tale.


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Ultimately I came up with a new identity; Robert Devine, and I re-published all three under different titles. The Croft tales, The Handshaker and The Deep Secret became the Allan Cain stories, Dominus and The Power, respectively, and Voices became Ghosts.

It doesn’t end there. A couple of weeks back I delivered Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery #17, Murder at the Treasure Hunt to my publisher, and as always once I completed the title, I was in limbo. Inevitably, I drifted to the dark side.

The project is not yet complete, but Allan Cain’s third outing will see him pitted against his most callous and calculating adversary yet in the tale of The Game.


Set largely in the wilds of Northumberland on the edge of the Kielder Forest, not only does it see Cain battling a twisted psychopath and his murderous sidekick, but also fighting the elements of a freezing British winter.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and let you know when The Game is to be released… As soon as I know it.

Like the Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries , these titles are exclusive to Amazon, which means I can put on the occasional offer, and just to get the ball rolling, Dominus will be free for the bank holiday weekend. That promotion starts on Saturday and ends on Monday (although because of the time difference between the UK and Amazon’s HQ, it’s likely to run into Tuesday morning).

Watch this space for more news.

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