Christmas Parties

It’s that time of year again, so let’s get the party season going with a no-strings, free download designed to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Parties is a set of six very short tales, each set at a Christmas party with your favourite characters.

The Spookies team Sceptre, Pete, Kevin are hungry and even Sceptre’s ghostly butler, Fishwick can’t help.

Joe tries to outdo Scrooge and is harassed by Sheila, Brenda and members of the Sanford 3rd Age Club.

Celeb Clint Devries and the cast of Bleaker Cove are surprised by Ali’s charitable party with a hidden agenda.

Raymond is back on Midthorpe and manages to embarrass himself in front of his mother, Tim and Lisa.

There’s a special from the flight deck of The Chuckling Pig where Space Truckers, BB and Gren and their faithful but faulty bot, Mekkano prepare for guests.

And finally, Flatcap is in Her Indoors’ bad books after having one over the odds the night before.

Download your copy of Christmas Parties now, in one of three formats (MOBI, EPUB, PDF) Just go to:xmsanta

And choose your format. You can take all three if you wish.

Go on, get yourself into the festive mood with my compliments.