An off the wall comedy of greed, selfishness and plain bad manners, which according to one reviewer, defies gravity.

Clint Devries megastar of Bleaker Cove, one the most popular soaps on satellite and digital TV, voted Best Actor in an ongoing drama at the Britbox Awards. He earns in one week what most people would never earn in a decade, or even a lifetime. He has a fan base which is Europe-wide, possibly world-wide. Men want to be like him, women want to be with him.

But Clint is not happy with his lot, and when he’s asked to front a series of ads for a brand of condoms, and then appear full frontal naked on TV, he kicks back at a system which sees him as a commodity.

And in doing so, he creates an unholy mess for himself and others, and enters battles with his co-stars, his megalomaniac boss and the police to correct.

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