Robert Devine

Robert Devine is the pseudonym I use for turning out dark, gritty thrillers and police procedurals: titles which are not for the faint-hearted.

There are four Robert Devine books available and more to come in the future.


(Allan Cain Book #1)

Who controls the hypnotic process? The subject or the hypnotist?

And when that hypnotist is a sadistic serial killer, the victims will never again take control back.

In a small town like Scarbeck there are few candidates for the true identity of the sadistic Dominus, but one of them is master hypnotist, Allan Cain…

Even though his kidnapped partner is likely to be Dominus’s next victim.

Caution. this book contains strong, adult scenes.

(First published 2012 as The Handshaker by David Robinson from Crooked Cat Books.)

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Paperback 9781980770115

The Power

(Allan Cain Book #2)

What do you do when you’re 2,000 miles away and your nemesis escapes from prison?

For Allan Cain, already faced with a literary puzzle, there is no option. He must return to England and track down Dominus and his partner in crime, and put an end to the vicious trail of slaughter.

But the murders will only stop when he hands over the secret of… The Power

Caution: this book contains strong, adult scenes.

Edited and revised: originally published as The Deep Secret by Crooked Cat Books 2013

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Paperback 9781075243769


(Allan Cain Book #3)

When a man you have always hated turns up unannounced, do you throw him out? Or do you listen to him?

The most dangerous man in Britain has escaped from an escape-proof military prison, and the officer in charge, Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Butterworth needs help, and once again, master hypnotist Allan Cain sets out on the trail of a callous killer.

But Irving Ryman has a deeper, hidden agenda; one which threatens the whole country, and Cain, ably assisted by Captain Nicola Balcombe is stretched to the limit to prevent disaster.

Caution. this book contains strong, adult scenes.

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Paperback 1075249643


An explosion. A 28-hour coma. And when he awakens, college tutor Christopher Deacon finds his life plagued by strange phantoms, drawing him inexorably to their Northumberland lair where they have waited for over half a century to take their rightful place… in control of the world.

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Paperback 9781075214196