The Offer

Seems like everyone is offering summat for nowt, these days, and like our old feller used to say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Mind, he was talking about the neighbours dodging the rent man, but…

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Let me tell you about the book.

A comedy mystery of high-spirited partying, corporate chicanery, and murder, with a grumpy anti-hero and a gorgeous heroine, set in Great Britain’s favourite sun-drenched Spanish holiday resort, Benidorm on the Costa Blanca, where sun, sand, sex and Sangria are the order of the day.

Raymond Baldock hates Benidorm. So why is there? Because he has been pressured into going, and when he gets there, it lives down to his worst expectations.

His laptop is stolen, his mother is there, attending a hen weekend, and he finds her in a compromising situation. He is humiliated in a bar, then blackmailed, and as if that is not enough, he has to face the determined wrath of Lisa, the woman he stormed away from in the summer. And this is all before a body turns up, leaving him as one of the prime suspects in the death of the person Bumped Off in Benidorm.

And it’s yours FREE.


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